Canada and New England States

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New York/New Jersey Harbor, Portland Maine, Bar Harbor Maine, and Halifax Nova Scotia
I had an opportunity to take a Seminar At Sea and I was able to take along a guest, so I took my Aunt Mary Ellen as Canada and the New England States was something we’d both wanted to explore since being up in Boston a couple of years ago and just not having enough time.   So, we set off.   Flew from Atlanta to Newark and boarded the ship and sailed out past Lady Liberty and the Station Island Ferry.  
The trip got cut short, however, by the arrival of Hurricane Ivan rolling up the New England coast so our stop to St. Johns, New Brunswick was taken out, Halifax was moved up a day, and we headed out to sea for a few days to try to get beyond the storm and drop in below it back in port.  
LADY LIBERTY – Liberty Island

Staten Island Ferry

Leaving New York/New Jersey.  This is the bridge from “Saturday Night Fever”, and is taller and longer than the Golden Gate Bridge.   It’s called The Varrazano-Narrows Bridge. 




Changing of the Guard at Noon every day

The Noon Canon Salute at The Citadel

Titanic Cemetery, Halifax

One of the many lost souls

So many stones, they were laid out in the shape of the bow of Titanic

Sailing Day

Halifax, on the little island in the harbor

Halifax, The Citadel


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