Mexico *IS* Safe – Safe Zones

FACT: With more than 21.5 million international tourists visiting Mexico in 2011, the country expects to receive 22.6 million visitors this year, already receiving a total of 15.2 million tourists from abroad from January to April of this year. This represents a growth of 6.8 percent from last year.

A common misconception about Mexico is that because violence is happening in one location, then it’s happening all across the country. With a country nearly three times the size of Texas, this is clearly false. The trouble is some visitors don’t realize the incredible size of Mexico and the sheer distances between its tourist destinations and other cities. 

Area of Incident:   Ciudad Juarez, destination Cabo San Lucas ~ 650 Miles apart, like going to Miami from to Atlanta 

Area of Incident:  Tijuana, destination Puerto Vallarta ~ 1000 miles apart, like going to New York from to Orlando

Area of Incident:  Tijuana, destination Cancun ~ 1750 miles apart, like going to Los Angeles from Chicago

The diversity of its areas goes without saying, and supposed widespread violence is really nothing more than a catch phrase. 

There’s been a lot of news coverage about violence in Mexico, very little of it bothering to note that Mexico is a huge country with thirty-some states and that
               a) almost all of that violence is narco-related and 
               b) you can count the number of tourists affected on one hand.

Meanwhile, according to the FBI,
“An estimated 15,241 persons were murdered nationwide in 2009″ in the United States of America.

Officially, 111 U.S. citizens were killed in Mexico last year, a third in just two cities. Almost all of them were involved in illicit vocations, usually the trafficking of guns, drugs, or people across the border. This is 111 out of close to 8 million visitors, with nearly 1 million of those being part- or full-time residents choosing Mexico over the U.S. or Canada.

You know who else had 111 murders in one year recently? Boston. And Las Vegas. And Orlando. Are any tourists scared of going to those places?
Meanwhile, almost 1,000 U.S. citizens died in Puerto Rico.  Nobody running the news desks cares about Puerto Rico or has an incentive to make people scared of Puerto Ricans (by nature, they can’t be “illegal immigrants”), so this isn’t widely reported.
Then there’s the U.S. proper, which can’t get a State Department travel alert because it’s, well, not a foreign country. 

How’s your city doing in comparison to Mexico when it comes to the annual numbers? 

      Atlanta  – city, 80 murders.                   Atlanta MSA (metropolitan statistical area), 325 murders
      Baltimore – 238 city,                                  298 MSA
      Boston – 50 city,                                       111 MSA
      Dallas/Ft. Worth – 210 city,                       310 MSA
      Detroit – 365 city,                                      447 MSA
      Houston – 287 city,                                   462 MSA
      Indianapolis – 100 city,                              111 MSA
     Jacksonville, FL – 99 city,                          120 MSA
      Kansas City – 100 city,                             163 MSA
      Las Vegas – 111 city,                               133 MSA
      Los Angeles – 312 city,                            768 MSA
      Miami  – 59 city,                                         377 Miami to Boca Raton corridor
      New Orleans – 174 city,                           252 MSA
      New York City – 471 city,                         778 MSA
      Orlando – 28 city,                                      111 MSA
      Philadelphia – 302 city,                              436 MSA
      Phoenix – 122 city,                                    302 MSA
      San Francisco – 45 city,                           292 MSA
      St. Louis – 143 city,                                   210 MSA
      Washington, DC – 143 city,                        325 MSA

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